Custom Songwriting

Do you need a song written specifically for your movie, project or special occasion? Many of our songwriters are available for custom music. Contact us to get started. 

Here are custom songs written for film:

Done The Impossible (Rob Kuhlman)
Theme Song for the
Firefly documentary currently playing on Netflix.

Done The Impossible — Acoustic Version (Rob Kuhlman)

Into the Black (Rob Kuhlman)
Theme song written for Into the Black after being sent the script for the pilot episode.

Into the Black — Acoustic Version (Rob Kuhlman)

They Can’t Take the Sky Away (Rob Kuhlman)
Written for the Browncoats: Redemption movie soundtrack.

Black Medicine (Rob Kuhlman)
Instrumental written for a surgical operation scene for the Into the Black pilot episode.

Justified (Rob Kuhlman)
Instrumental written for the robbery scene in Into the Black pilot episode.

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